TED Talk

In a fun project we did in our language arts class, we made TED talks! This was so much fun because we got the chance to learn about topics that interest us! Other students did it on many things,  but I did mine on greenhouse gases and what we could do to help this problem! Some of my favorite TED talks that were done were the Galápagos Islands, Short Stories, and Why You Think You Can’t Draw. These TED talks helped me learn so much about things I didn’t even know!

I like to talk about my TED talk for a second and the process! The process was interesting because we had to learn if a site was reliable or not. We also took a lot of to really give the best presentation possible. Getting up there and speaking to people I was nervous a first, but by the end, I felt fully confident. I felt relieved, but also happy that I was able to share my passion with my classmates!

Here are some fun facts about my TED talk and tips for doing a TED talk! First here are some fun facts that I think are really interesting! Did you know that a cow produces 220 pounds of methane per year? Another one is, Did you know that there are about 90 billion cows in the world? Enough about fun facts let me tell you some tips for doing a TED talk! My first tip is to speak loudly and clearly. My second tip is to add speaker notes (If you are using slides) or a script to read off of. My third and final tip is to pour your passion into it and speak from the heart! I hope these tips can help!



Tree Books

In our language arts class, we did tree books! Tree books are handmade books that look like trees. Inside the book, we have collages, and some of our writing is in our books too! Like Salute to Our Roots, Life List, and When This is Over. We got a bunch of help from a local artist Peg Gignoux who was so nice and patient.

When we started making our tree books we stamped words and letters on card stock. Then we cut it out to look like a tree.  Then we were asked to bring in leaves from home. This was because we took pages out of the dictionary and stamped on the leaves to make cool imprints. Then we assembled our tree books!

We first glued together with a blue piece of paper to the inside of the two card stock trees to make the book. Then we collaged on it making trees and animals. Then we put our writing into the book, and we placed our finishing touches. Then we had a gallery at a mall to show everyone our tree books!

Crazy Stocks

Stocks Invested in!

In Language Arts class, we started reading The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. In part of the book, they were doing stocks, and our teacher said that we would be doing stocks as a side activity for fun and it was so much fun! We got help from our math teacher and learned how to do stocks! We also read an article on it to learn more about it!

We started by getting $20,000 (fake) dollars as our limit to spend! I invested in McDonalds, Costco, Chipotle, Disney, Tesla, and Amazon. As you can see above, I bought a total of 22 shares combined and spent $19476.37. Every week we would check our stocks every week and put them on our spreadsheet! I learned that you have to be patient and careful with stocks because anything could happen with your money.

Reply down below if you had anything crazy happened with your stocks!

Model Rockets


In science class, we are doing model rockets! We learned how to build the rocket, launch them, and even learned how to find out to calculate the height of the rocket. This was so much fun to see it launch because it was just like a real rocket taking off with the smoke and everything. When we were building our rockets we had to build them from parts. We also had to put together an engine with the igniter for when we pressed the button it would launch the rocket.

I thought how the engine worked was pretty cool because the black powder (which is flammable) is in between two clay plugs. I also found it cool that when the engine burned all the way to the end it would shoot a gust of air and the parachute would deploy. Then float back down to the ground. There are also two types of engines A and B. An engine goes sort of high, but the B engine goes super high!

We measured the height, ascent, and descent. We measured the height with a clinometer. How the clinometer works you match up the plastic dot in the front of the clinometer with the middle of the circle. You then match them up. You then point it at the height you want, but you have to be 75 meters away. For the ascent and descent, we used our iPad timers.



What Books I Recommend!


I recommend The Heroes of Olympus series. The Heroes of Olympus books are the story of Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace. They all are a part of the prophecy of seven which is really big in the Percy Jackson series. The prophecy of the seven is about seven demigods who save Mount Olympus from the giants and titans. The main conflict is fighting against the earth goddess Gaia, but also the conflict between the Romans and the Greeks. 4 Greeks and 3 Romans demigods working together which is unheard of in their world.

What I like about this series is that the author gets each of the seven main characters’ points of view, but also captures the feeling where you are in the story and it is like a movie to you in your mind. It also keeps me entertained, and engaged in the story. I enjoy the feeling of getting to know the characters and what secrets they have. 


I am currently reading the third book The Mark Of Athena. I enjoy this book a lot, and I am on page 280 out of 572 pages. This book is continuing the story, but also adds more details and characters. It is focusing on Annabeth who is Athena’s child, but Athena is acting differently or weirdly asking her to find The Mark of Athena something that was stolen by the Romans. What is it? Where is it? Is going through Annabeth’s mind. 



My Trip To The Grand Canyon

Over spring break, I went to the Grand Canyon, Arizona! When we arrived at the airport, we went to get our rental car and go eat lunch but, when we arrived at lunch, we noticed a smoky smell in the car. We decided to take the car back to the rental car area and trade-in for a new car after lunch. For lunch, we had really good Mexican food. After lunch, we took back the car and got a new one. Once we had the new car, we drove for 4 hours to reach the Grand Canyon.

When we arrived, it was snowing, and it was really really cold. We had to buy gloves and hats to keep us warm during our hikes. When we checked into our room, we got a really good view of the canyon. After we got settled into our room, we went to dinner. After dinner, we relaxed in the room after an exhausting day. My mom and I watched a movie while my dad was asleep because we had a 2 hour time difference from back home.

One of the most exciting parts of the Grand Canyon was hiking on the Bright Angel trail. We had to wear spikes on the bottom of our shoes so we wouldn’t slip. As we made our way down, we passed many beautiful views and stopped once in a while to take photos. While we were making our way down, we passed some mules going up from the bottom of the canyon. We hiked to a rest stop and made the journey up. The journey up was really tiring, and we had to stop once in a while to catch our breath. Once we made it up to the top, we were exhausted and headed back to the room.

After a couple days of staying at the Grand Canyon, we headed to Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is a small town but had a lot of fun stuff to do, like shopping downtown or getting donuts. One of my favorite things was hiking at Petrified Forest National Park. It had so many things to look at and do like hiking through the Blue Mesa where there were blue mounds of sand and rock.

After our fun trip, we had to go home, so we drove to the airport. We turned in our rental car and took a shuttle bus to the main airport terminal. When we got to the terminal, we had lunch at a restaurant. I got a burrito, and so did my dad, and it was pretty good. After that, our flight was called, and we boarded the plane. It was really pretty flying in at night, and once we landed, we had to wait for our luggage. Once we got our luggage, we went to the car and drove home. When I got home, I was exhausted but glad to be home.

Wisdom Tales: Red and Blue Coat

I my Language Arts class we were asked create wisdom tale comics. Before I tell you why I chose it, I want to tell you what a wisdom tale or tales are. A wisdom tale is a short story that has a moral to it, and there is always something to learn from them. Another thing about wisdom tales are that they aren’t just from one place but all around the world. The wisdom tale I chose was from Africa. It is called The Red and Blue Coat.

The Red and Blue Coat. This story is about two life long friends who get their friendship tested by a trickster who wore a red and blue coat. Why I chose this story was I thought the moral was important: “Try seeing things for others points of view.” This is important to me because sometimes I think we as humans about stuff from are point of view and don’t a lot try to see things from others views. Like the saying, “Try to step into someone’s shoes.”

To do this comic we used Comic Life 3 and I think the process of getting the comic together was cool and easy and just left us to draw. One thing I thought was cool was that you could customize your comic however you want. Something that I thought was easy was that we didn’t have to draw in the app, we didn’t have to worry about it getting accidentally deleted, or that we could add things easily. I want to know what story you chose for your comic and maybe add why. I just to know what story you chose.

The Heroes of Olympus

I am currently reading The Heroes of Olympus series and I am on the second book. I love it but also before I started reading this series I was reading the Percy Jackson series. They are all by Rick Riordan and I recommend all of his books too, let me explain why! One thing I really like about his books is that they are engaging and have a bunch of action. A second reason I like reading his books is that he makes them have twists and turns in his stories. Lastly, I really like the Greek things he incorporates in his books and has the views of the other main characters.

Let me tell you more about the series The Heroes of Olympus. The first book is about the main characters named Jason, Piper, Leo and all of them are demigods. Jason wakes up and is sitting next to Piper with no memory. Then he gets attacked by wind spirits. Then he realizes that lives in a world with monsters and gods. Then they make a journey to Camp Half-blood where he learns he is not like the others because he is the son of Zeus, he is Roman, and he has an interesting weapon. Will he fit in? Who are these people and this world? Read to find out!

Daily Habits

We do daily habits in class are Language Arts class, and we started by doing a plank each day for 15 seconds a day until the next week when we add 15 seconds to the 15 that we started with. We just ended doing planking and stopping at three minutes or four minutes. I think starting small and inching bigger made everything easier. I say this because having a goal helps you do more. Like every week we were increasing by 15 seconds. It was like every week we were training for the next week. Every time we moved up I felt confident and comfortable to add more time because we had been doing it the whole week. I think if we had not done this strategy then I would not have been able to get to 3 minutes.

I learn, discover, realize, and notice that I was getting better and better as each week passed. By increasing 15 seconds per week. I was also getting a little more comfortable in the planking position and I am proud of myself for that. Some challenges I faced were remembering to do planking every single day, and also to get in the right position to plank. My feelings about this were it was hard and a little bit painful, but as I kept going it kept getting less and less painful.

Now we are allowed to chose a new daily habit. I choose to do a push up a day and increasing until I get to ten pushups and then I restart and go to one to ten again. I chose this because I thought that ten pushups a day was a lot and I definitely didn’t want to go over ten either so I want to reset my pushups so I can build up my strength but giving myself a break. 

Window or Mirror?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan is a window for me. I think this is a window for me because I don’t know what it is like to be hunted by monsters, having a god for a parent, and what it is like to fight in a battle. In this book Percy Jackson and in the rest of the saga he is hunted by monsters and I am definitely not hunted by monsters but it has opened a new world for me of magic, power, bravery, and fear. I do not have a mythological god as a parent, and I don’t have powers or really special about my parents. Lastly I have not fought in a battle, I have not even lived through a battle, but you see in the book the good and the bad of battle. That is why I think it is a window for me.